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UW Dawg Pound Site Guidelines

With the changes going on, we (Gekko, Cassino, Kirk and I) thought it would be a good time to renew the site rules and what it takes to be a member of the Dawg Pound. First, I will require your firstborn. Cassino says I can't do that now. Shame. Well, now on to an update of the site rules.

Some of this is new, but should not have any sort of major affect on the posters. If someone is breaking a rule (say, the subject line, or chat-speak) politely tell them "Please use the subject line here at the DawgPound," or "Please don't use chatspeak at the Dawgpound."

1. Use the Rec Button. Use it. If something makes you laugh, Rec it. If someone made a strong point, Rec it. If you would say +1, replace that with a Rec. If someone made an awesome .gif, Rec the crap out of it. If the "green level" has to be raised, that will be done oh-so-gladly. Rec great articles! Every Rec of an article causes a smile, heck every Rec causes a smile. It is the SB Nation equivalent to a head nod, fist bump, high five or thirteen year-old girl shrieking "Oh my gosh, you are so right!"

2. No racism, sexism, personal insults (to other commenters, players, coaches, etc.), spamming, "hoaxes" (false headlines, etc.) There will be zero tolerance for this sort of behavior. Everyone should and does know better than this. Also, no politics or religion, this is a sports blog.

3. Use the reply button, it is a wondrous tool that keeps comment sections clean.

4. Links: use links when quoting sources or referencing a newsworthy item.

5. Grammar and spelling: Each poster is to make their best effort to spell, capitalize and punctuate correctly.

6. Chat-speak: This is new, please refrain from using chatspeak. (lol, +1, b4) are examples) It makes the site a much easier and more pleasant place to read.

7. Trolling: If you troll here or at fellow SBN blogs, expect a warning. After that, you will be done.

8. Keep swearing to the gamethreads. Reactionary F-Bombs happen, but in discussion about the game, rivals, etc. swearing has no place.

9. Never actively root against the University of Washington. If you are a visitor to the blog and a Cougar fan, no posts of "Yes!" in the gamethread if/when you score a touchdown against the Huskies.

10. Be inviting to guests: We will have visitors from other blogs, and please be kind and courteous. If they create a spirited debate and do not resort to trolling, personal attacks or other unacceptable levels, neither should you.

John has done a wonderful job in making this the best Husky community on the web, and we plan on keeping it that way. Thank you for your adherence to these rules.

If you have any comments or questions, just use the comment section below.