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Turning Pages and a Path Forward

The passage of time is the only required ingredient in the recipe for change. The rest is up to us.

Nathan Ware

Ty Willingham

Mesphin Forrester


Mark Emmert


Isaiah Stanback

Jake Locker

Steve Sarkisian

SB United

Husky fans have wanted change, Husky fans have seen change and, now, Husky fans are facing change yet once more. Back in 2006, a passionate and dedicated Husky fan with a following of just a few equally as passionate fellow fans picked up the baton handed off from Seattle P.I. Husky blogger Nathan Ware. He started his blog on and his labor of love took off. In 2008, with a surging following of Husky fans who were suffering under the continuing mismanagement of their beloved Dawgs, John Berkowitz took his hobby to the bright lights of the SB Nation community and the rest is, as the cliche goes, history.

Today, another change has come to pass. John, who is now 54 years young, has made the painful choice to pass the baton that was once handed to him. Yes, this is change. It can be awkward and clumsy, uncertain and uneasy, messy and maddening. But it also can be refreshing and rekindling. John has been planning for this day and it has now arrived. Let me share with you the plan.

First, rest assured, John will still be present sporting a bright new moniker and making sure his baby is being cared for. The team that John has been grooming is still in place and we will continue to cultivate the inclusive, intelligent and clean community atmosphere that you have come to know and appreciate. Going forward, the Working Team will be comprised of site managers and committed content authors. Anthony Cassino and I will be continuing our current roles with Anthony serving as the point of contact for "corporate" interface and with me continuing with the administrative organization duties that I have shouldered for some time. Kirk DeGrasse has agreed to formalize his role and to lend his considerable talents in both editing and producing original content. Finally, Ben Knibbe, an aspiring young sports writer / blogger, will join the team with a primary focus on filling content gaps and helping us to innovate new types of content.

The writing staff will continue as you have known it with great talent like Lear Pilot, Ryan Priest, Randall Floyd, RedmondLonghorn, Sundodger, Justin Lee and Tige Stromire all continuing to share their insights, analysis, humor and camaraderie. The features that JB has manned himself, like the Monday Morning Wash, Puppy Chow, and Weekly Picks will be spread among this staff and managed as a team. It is the only feasible plan because, just like with the War Daddy, it takes a committee to fill the shoes of our founder.

Harry Truman once said that the only things that are new is history that has not been studied. The history of this community is long and well represented by those of you who came along before there was a World Wide Web and who first checked in with Nathan Ware on that old P.I. blog. John was part of that community, the same one that I would join. He picked up that community when Nathan was ready to hand it off and he took this thing to a whole new level. He took us to SBNation, reeled in a new generation of fans and cultivated a next wave of contributors. He even managed to ban some yahoo named MinnyC, as well as his brothers MinnyC2 and MinnyC3 (yet, their distant cousin, Gekko Mojo, managed to keep his membership in good standing). He gave us the best of times and the best of him. While this is in no way a goodbye, it is a good time to say thanks in the best way a Dawg knows how: WOOF!