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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Issues be Damned Edition)

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Yeah, sure, it comes from a moundful of cow excrement, but it is still a rose.

Hello Dawg Pound faithful. After a two week Dot hiatus that came as a result of being almost completely offline, I'm back and ready to provide for you the best the web has to offer on your beloved Dawgs. We are all glowing in the radiance of a win on this Victory Monday, but the challenge for the Huskies lies ahead as the team tries to find some semblance of momentum to close strong and position themselves for a real run in 2013. Establishing the momentum is the challenge and it begins and ends with the offense. How strange is it that there has yet to be a single quarter of football played so far this season where the Offense was erasing the mistakes of the Defense? Quite the contrary - the Huskies have won only in those games where the Defense stepped up and covered for the ongoing struggles of an Offense that is putting up 2008 types of numbers. This is not exactly the position that any of us were expecting coming into the season. However, the offensive line is coming together to become serviceable, Ka-ASJ is still a dominant duo, Bishop Sankey is slowly emerging, and we've seen some sparks come from both Kendyl Taylor and Jaydon Mickens in glimpses the past few weeks. If Keith Price can find any kind of rhythm, we might actually have some fun as we go into the Holidays.

Enough Gekko - here are some Dots for your morning amusement.