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Huskies Upset Beavers - Instant Reactions


This hit was very illegal.
This hit was very illegal.
Otto Greule Jr

The field is stormed once again. Upset! (My friends were yelling upset at random points for the entire game so I will give you the same treatment.)

USC was upset by Arizona, and some team named Washington were victors over an undefeated Oregon State team. You may have heard that. If this is the place you are first hearing of the upset then I will give you a rundown of the game:

Washington got the kickoff. Ran the ball down the field a good amount. Punted. Oregon State got ball, punted. Washington scored. Upset! Washington scores another touchdown. Oregon State. Stopping that sentence right there.

This is a legitimate quote from Rich Rodriguez after his Wildcats defeated the Trojans of USC, "I've gotta be careful about patting 'em on the rear too much; I don't wanna make a mess in my hand." I am not making this up. Upset!

Where was I? Game rundown. Screw it, my reactions:

  • First of all, I liked the play-calling from Steve Sarkisian. I didn't love it, as he got away from a successful running game a little early, but he builds his teams off of the passing game, and he gave his quarterback a good chance to do damage against a strong Beaver defense (chuckles).
  • Sean Parker played his finest game of his career. He separated man from ball multiple times and made plays in the run game. This is coming off of his Upset! potentially worst game of his career.
  • Keith Price had is best game of the season (not saying all that much). The offensive line gave him time. The internal clock that every quarterback has in his head went off at the right time for Price. He rolled outside after the clock went off. While he never ended up with any big plays after rolling out he still allowed there to be a chance for it to happen. Maybe he listened to Sarkisian, as there was some admitted discord between Price and Sark. Price made throws when his team needed him to. He smiled. He led the team to victory.
  • Four interceptions. The defense found the ball. Great coverage by Desmond Upset! Trufant on Marcus Wheaton (while he was in the game) and Brandin Cooks down the field. He tends to get away with a lot of defensive holding, but regardless it works out for him. Marcus Peters didn't make the boneheaded mistake he has had the tendency to make (Quentin Richardson 2.0 ohmygoodness I hope not).
Sorry for the Upset! brevity.

Go Dawgs!