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Game Preview: Oregon State at Washington

This series has been dominated as of late, much like the Huskies' series with the Ducks. The time has come to end this madness.

Steve Dykes
"One, nothing wrong with me
Two, nothing wrong with me
Three, nothing wrong with me
Four, nothing wrong with me

One ,something's got to give Two, something's got to give Three, something's got to give
Let the bodies hit the floor ..."
- Drowning Pool

Who: OSU at UW

Where: Clink Field, Seattle, Washington

When: Saturday, October 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm PT

It will be broadcast on the Pac12 Network ... whoopee ... if you happen to see the game on tv, just like last week, Ted Robinson, Glenn Parker and Ryan Nece will provide you with all the useless information you can handle.


Washington leads this series 50-31-2 all time. However, since 2001, the Huskies are 3-8 against the Beavers. The most interesting stat about this game, however, is games played in even years versus games played on odd years. In odd years the Dawgs are 22-18-1, while on even years they are 18-13-1. This year is even, so the Dawgs must have a better chance at winning this year. Lear, the reason UW lost to Oregon State last year was because it was an odd year. They just don't play as well those years ... anyway, you want a dominant streak? From 1975 to 2003, the Huskies owned the Beavers, accumulating a whopping 25-2 record, with a streak of 13 straight wins from 1986-2000.

Last Week

As you might recall, the Huskies decided to lay an egg in Tuscon last week, and what a rotten egg it was. I, along with most Dawg fans, can still smell it. UW once again showed how inept its offensive line was, allowing 4 sacks to the worst sacking team in the Pac12 ... because nobody counts Colorado. The Huskies came home to Seattle with their tails between their legs and needing a serious sponge bath ...

Oregon State hosted Utah, and only needed to score 21 points to beat a floundering Utah squad. Once again the Beavers showed a stout defense, shutting down the Utes' nonexistent run game. That win was number 6 for the Beavers, and enough to put them at #7 in the AP poll.


0 - the number of kickoff returns the Huskies and Beaver have run back for a score so far this season

2 - the number of interceptions the Beavers average per game, and the number of receivers Oregon State has that average over 100 yards receiving per game (Brandon Cooks and Markus Wheaton)

5 - Oregon State's national ranking in terms of rushing defense

8 - Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion's yards per pass attempt this season

18 - Washington's rank in passing defense in terms of yards allowed per game

42 - the average number of pass attempts Mannion attempts per game

63 - Mannion's completion percentage

109 - the number of yards Markus Wheaton averages per game receiving

111 - the number of yards Brandon Cooks averages per game receiving

340 - Sean Mannion's average passing yards per game

57,701 - the average attendance to Husky games in the Clink this year

Questions needing answers

Offense: Will UW fans be satisfied after Saturday's performance? Can somebody tell Sark the run game called last week? Will Dexter Charles hold true on his promise to Keith Price? Who will our third receiver be? I find this question baffling, however. Isn't our second receiver a tight end? So does that beg the question: where are our second and third receivers? Can we get a tight end that can block please?

Defense: Does the defense, and that includes Justin Wilcox, have a short memory? Is that actually a good thing ... since forgetting things that happened a week ago, on a consistent basis, tends to land people in the looney bin? Where have all the sacks run off to? Will they show up this game? Is our secondary ready to step up to the plate ... um, line of scrimmage this week? They better be.

Miscellaneous: What's a better mascot, beaver or anteater? So far, a beaver has beaten a badger, a bruin, a wildcat, two cougars, and a Native American; can it beat a husky too? Why do we have to play a team that sports orange and black so close to Halloween? Isn't that like bad karma or something?

It's about time the Husky D started making opposing bodies hit the floor. Our guys need to trust their teammates 100%, and they also need to go 100% on every down. Just go out there and have some fun, and pound those badgers while they're at it. GO HUSKIES!