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Gangline Recap: Week 8

Another good showing this week, going 7-4 overall, and 4-1 in games that mattered, UW's opponents really did what everyone expected them to do.

Unfortunately for Josh Nunes, his head went through the back of his helmet ...
Unfortunately for Josh Nunes, his head went through the back of his helmet ...
Ezra Shaw

Washington Opponent's Record: 50-36

Record this Week: 7-4

Record in Games that Mattered: 4-1

The sole bye this week was awarded to Washington State, who either used it to heal and get better, or to sic the senior zombies on the public at large in Pullman's neighboring metropolis of Moscow, ID ... The state of Oregon is still undefeated, and the more weeks this goes on, the more odd it sounds. What happened to Oregon State losing its first two games of the season, and then re-surging?

Games that Mattered

San Diego State (5-3) at Nevada (6-2)

Ryan Katz went down in the first quarter with an ankle injury, and that really should have been the game for the Aztecs. It almost was, but Aztec backup QB Adam Dingwell had other thoughts. Down 14-24 at the end of the third quarter, Dingwell threw two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and the Aztec kicker Chance Marden kicked a field goal as time expired to send the game to overtime. In OT the Wolfpack scored a TD, and the Aztecs followed suit ... but then Rocky Long went for 2 - the second time in the game - and Dingwell delivered a strike to seal the game. Final score: Aztecs win 39-38

LSU (7-1) at Texas A&M (5-2)

<script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script> There were thoughts coming into this game that A&M could pull off the upset. Hey, did you know if you turned the M upside down you get root beer? Anyway, LSU took a 14-12 lead into halftime, but then neither offense decided they wanted to score until later. If you watch this game later, just skip the third quarter ... unless you want to see boring SEC football. LSU forced 5 turnovers and simultaneously gave up 410 yards. Final score: LSU wins 24-19

Portland State (2-5) at Cal Poly (7-0)

This was a surprisingly competitive game. Portland took on 14th ranked Cal-Poly, and actually had a 2 point lead going into the fourth quarter. This team has gotten noticeably better each game this year. Unfortunately for the Vikings, they ran out of steam in the fourth quarter and gave up 14 unanswered points. Nigel Burton should be commended after this game, and who knows where the Vikings will end up being next year, or for the rest of this season. They appear to be a dangerous team for their other Big Sky opponents. Final score: Cal Poly wins 37-25

Oregon (7-0) at Arizona State (5-2)

Well, the game started out good enough, with ASU capitalizing on Oregon's fumble from its second play of the game. Then this happened, and this, and this ... then the first quarter ended with the Ducks up 22-7. Then, less than four minutes into the SECOND QUARTER, the ducks went up 43-7. Remember, ASU is the home team. ASU got sacked 5 times (three more times than their season average), and threw 4 interceptions. On a happy note ... sort of ... ASU scored 1/3 of its points on defense, a pick-6 with just over 9 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Games like these, oh wait, every game seems to be a great game for Oregon's backups to get game experience. Final score: Oregon wins 43-21 (just for fun, check out what Duck fans did on Wednesday night before the game)

Games that didn't Matter

Stanford (5-2) at Cal (3-5)

<script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script> This could possibly have been Jeff Tedford's final "Big Game" as the Golden Bears head coach. The game wasn't pretty, and who knows what the rest of the season is going to look like for the hit-or-miss Bears. Stanford dominated this game from start to finish, only allowing Cal to score once ... in the second quarter. It was a field goal. Nobody scored in the second half, but that hardly mattered as the Cardinal put up three touchdowns in the first 2 quarters. Zach Maynard was his usual self, going 19-31 for 217 and 1 interception. The Bears also racked up a mammoth 3 yards on the ground. Final score: Cardinal wins 21-3

Colorado (1-6) at USC (6-1)

<script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script> Pundits around the East Coast are calling USC's victory over the mighty Buffaloes the overall game they needed ... that they were wondering when USC would show up in the form everybody in the US thought they would be strutting before the season began. The analysts failed to mention a small detail, however: USC played Colorado, FBS's equivalent to an FCS team. Oh well, I guess the devil is in the details. Well, Matt Barkley threw for his 100th TD. Robert Woods caught it, and then gave it right back. How nice ... Final score: USC wins 50-6

Utah (2-5) at Oregon State (6-0)

<script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script> Cody Vaz has now beaten both major football teams from the state of Utah in consecutive weeks. If only the Beavers were to play Utah State next week, since they are the best team in the state this year ... Now Oregon State is bowl eligible, and has gone 6-0 for the first time since, well, 1907. That's when it was still Oregon A&M. Utah couldn't do anything on offense, which is about par for the course this season. All Mr. Vaz had to do was hand the ball off to Storm Woods and then manage the rest of the game. He did it to the tune of 174 yards on 16/26 passing, no TDs and no interceptions. Storm Woods only had 46 yards rushing, but he ended up with three TDs on the day ... not too shabby. Final score Beavers win 21-7