The beginning of the end for Sark at UW?

You can always smell the beginning of the end of a college football coaching career.

For Jim Lambright the beginning of the end happened during a 29-21 loss at home to Lou Holtz and Notre Dame in a game that was a text book example of how to snatch defeat from the wide open jaws of victory.

For Rick Neuheisel it was a 31-29 loss on the road to Michigan when his team was penalized for having twelve defenders on the field during a missed Wolverine field goal attempt at the end of the game.

For Keith Gilbertson it was a 54-7 loss to Cal that ended a 17 year winning streak against the Golden Bears.

For Ty Willingham it was a 48-41 home loss to Arizona in which his team blew a commanding fourth quarter lead and the chance to compete for a bowl bid.

For Steve Sarkisian that moment may have come last night during a 52-17 clown stomping on the road to a mediocre Arizona Wildcat football team.

Performances like this are more than just simple losses. They are the definitive signs that the coach is losing the control and respect of his team. Once that happens it is almost impossible to recover the momentum it takes to get the train back on the tracks and headed in the right direction.

I love Sark. I have barked for Sark. I will continue to bark for Sark because he is no villain. However after observing Husky football for nearly forty years you can begin to see the writing on the wall. That writing tells me that it will take an absolute miracle for him to get this turned around because his players aren't believing in him anymore.