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Saturday Gamethread

Come talk about today's games with the UWDawgPound crew and the regulars.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Lots of good games on today while we wait all day for our Huskies to take the field.

Some lines I like, because I know you're curious:

LSU -3.5 @ Texas A&M. Johnny Manziel comes back to earth against a defense that is very similar to the Florida one that frustrated him into his worst game of the season.

Clemson -8 vs Virginia Tech. I was wrong about Virginia Tech this year. Thought they'd win their usual 10 games and be in the mix for another ACC crown, but they're a mess. They've struggled defending the pass this season, and that's a bad ingredient when you're facing a Chad Morris offense.

Alabama -20.5 @ Tennessee. It's a rare thing that any team keeps it within 3 touchdowns of the Tide. Tennessee can put points up, but will simply be outclassed everywhere by Saban's crew.