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Weekly Debate: How Has Your Perception Changed

Based on what you've seen at the halfway point, have you seen anything to change your view of the 2012 Husky football team?

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

We're now halfway through the season, and with that we should have something of an idea of what this Huksy team is or is going to be. However, it is likely that (and just reading some of the comments will confirm this) that idea has a huge variance from one person to the next.

So, given what you may have thought this team was going to be at the onset of the season and what you've gathered from them over the last month and a half how has your perception of the team changed:

What do you make of the issues offensively? Is it a big deal going forward, a bump in the road, simply the result of injuries, player regression/lack of development, coaching or something else?

Is the progress made on defense since last year something you're ready to hang your hat on? Or are the blowout losses to LSU and Oregon things that make you cautious about a wholesale improvement just yet?

With the Pac-12 looking tougher than thought at the start of the season -- especially with Arizona showing life much more quickly into the Rich Rodriguez regime than any of his previous stops, and Oregon State being a completely different squad than they were last season -- has that painted what you expect the Huskies to achieve this season win-wise?