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Game Preview: USC at Washington

This weekend, the Trojans of Southern California pay homage to the Washington Huskies, in a showdown that dates back to 1923. Does history have anything to do with the outcome? Absolutely not. I expect a good clown-stomping on the part of the Huskies, ripping the Trojan hearts from their ribcages, figuratively of course, and handing them back, very classy-like.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images
"I had a girl 
Yeah ... "had" is the word 
I tried to hold on 
But it was pretty absurd
She said she loved me 
And I said I loved her too 
But we weren't having any fun 
So what could I do
I let her slip away ... 
- Presidents of the United States of America

Who: USC at UW

Where: Century Link Field,Seattle,WA

When: Saturday, October 13, 2012, at 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Tune in to Fox to catch all the action ... Gus Johnson, Charles Davis and Julie Alexandria will be telling you everything you need to know about USC


1923 began a relationship that was dominated by Southern California. Well, they have really dominated everybody they have historically played. The Trojans lead this series 49-28-4. However, UW won the inaugural game in dominant fashion, 22-0. Years that end in 2 (i.e. 1932, 1962 and 2002) have been particularly hard for the Huskies, as they are a measly 1-5-1 against SC, the lone win coming in 1992. The Dawgs have been slightly better in the month of October against the Trojans, going 8-22-3. I did find one statistic, however, that the Huskies actually have the edge ... and it's quite a big one. In seasons where the Trojans had a .500 season or worse, the Huskies are 13-2-2. TAKE THAT SO CAL!!!

Last Week

The Huskies came off a game against Oregon that they just let slip away ... in the first quarter. It really was too bad, but hey, why talk about the past? The future is now!

USC, on the other hand, had a solid win over a less than stellar ... actually, a less than mediocre Utah team last week in Salt Lake City. Even though this happened, and though the Trojans gave up two costly turnovers put them down 14-0, Matt Barkley was able to regroup and come back in a strong way, beating the beleaguered Utes 38-28.


0 - the number of TDs in the air the Trojans have scored in their only loss this season

1 - the number of home games the Trojans have had in their past 5 games

2 - the number of USC receivers whose name I know, and the number of QB hurries USC has had this season

4 - (or less) remember this number. When the Trojans have 4 or less tackles for a loss in a game this season, the game has been within 2 scores (Stanford and Utah)

13 - The total number of TDs those two USC receivers have caught so far this season (8 for Lee; 5 for Woods)

18 - the number of passes USC has broken up this season

26 - USC's opponents' scoring average when USC plays away from the Coliseum this season

27 - the number of passes broken up USC's opponents have had this season

31 - USC scoring average when playing away from the Coliseum this season

64 - Matt Barkley's career completion percentage

81 - USC's opponent's red zone scoring percentage this season

88 - USC's opponent's red zone scoring percentage this season when USC is not at home

105 - the number of TDs Matt Barkley has thrown over the course of his career

Questions Needing Answers

Offense: Can Keith Price have fun this weekend? What does a deep pass actually look like? Is ASJ going to be in good enough shape to make an impact on the scoreboard this week? How many yards will Bishop Sankey rack up? Who is the most offensive (nasty) offensive lineman we have? Will Ben Riva actually play this week? Can this offense score more than 21 points?

Defense: How is Desmond Trufant supposed to guard both Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, at the same time, the whole game? How are we going to pressure Matt Barkley? Will we be able to do it consistently? Is Corey Littleton going to replace Josh Shirley? Who will lead the Dawgs in "tackles-for-loss" this week?

Miscellaneous: Can Sally really sell seashells by the seashore? Doesn't she need a license? How many people actually hate Lane Kiffin? Can we make it 3-1 against USC for the last 4 years? Will UW still be the most overrated team in the conference after we beat the Trojans?

Last week, the game slipped away in the first quarter ... THE FIRST QUARTER! And you know what? We let it happen. Well, Huskies, show me you don't want to let things slip away. Get out there, grab those Trojans by their plumes and pummel them into submission. Knock them senseless, and take their ... well, you get the point. Let's Play!