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UW weekend report

The Husky basketball team attempts to pick up a split on the road today in Salt Lake City against the Utah. The Utes were thought to be the worst team in the conference until they knocked off WSU on Thursday. The Huskies who are struggling on the road could use a confidence building win to move to 3-1 in conference play.

A side note to game is a homecoming for Husky sharp shooter CJ Wallace who grew up in the area. Now that Utah has joined the Pac 12 he gets an unexpected trip back home each year to play in front of family and friends. Percy Allen of the Seattle Times wrote a story on that for this mornings edition.

Alamo Dome Review

Paul Swaney of Stadium Journey does reviews of stadiums across the country. This is that they think of the Alamo Bowl. He has a few interesting photos from the game. My impression of course is from in front of the TV screen but I have been in quote a few domes and find most of them pretty similar.


RB Tairen Owens has de-committed from Washington and has accepted an offer to become a UCLA Bruin. Owens was very close to former UW CB coach Demetrice Martin. So this was a defection that was probably pretty well anticipated.

Zach Banner caused a bit of a stir when a King 5 report came out yesterday saying that he was down to USC and Oklahoma. He clarified later that UW is still very much in the mix and that he will still choose between those three schools. The inside skinny is that he is leaning toward leaving home and if he does LA is the probable destination.

Sark recently visited Hawaiii and Samoa. We know of at least a couple of kids that we have excellent shots at from those two locations.

Sark is taking over recruiting in the South Sound for the rest of the year which means it his job to salvage something from the carnage that has gone on down there. In hindsight he probably should have jumped on the problem in July.

How do you end up getting offered a permanent job on a coaching staff if your a GA? If you are Donte Williams the formula may involve closing on a couple California defensive backs. He is pretty close to the kids at Poly so it will be interesting to see if he can make up for at least a couple of those UCLA/Martin defections.