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Recruiting update for 1/31

Well, yesterday was a wild swing of emotions wasn't it? Definitely stings to have not gotten a high-level, legacy, in-state recruit at not only a position of great importance in general (LT), but also of great need for the Huskies. But the flip side is we also landed what most analysts consider the best Safety prospect in the country (one analyst pegs him as an all-decade talent) and among the best prospects this year period. Such is the agony and ecstasy of big-boy recruiting - get used to it Dawg fans; Sark hunts big-game, and with guys like Lupoi, Sirmon & Wilcox on board joining Nansen & Thomas, he looks like he has the weapons to close on some elite talent.

Here's where we currently stand with uncommitted prospects that still appear to be considering the UW:

RB/WR/CB Kenny Walker: Hasn't made an official announcement yet, but all signs still point to him flipping from Cal to UW

WR Jordan Payton: Set to announce today at 1:30, widely expected to pick the UW

C/G Shane Brostek: As always, the family has kept his recruitment tightly under wraps; Duck fans feel confident, and so do Dawg fans; I still feel really good about our chances, but he's a really important piece given that we only have 3 OL commits right now

DE Dylan Cozens: He maintains he hasn't decided yet and all three of UW, Arizona and Boise St. are still in the mix; the pitch by Arizona to also let him play baseball, plus the home-state edge probably tips the scales towards the Wildcats

WR Jaydon Mickens: Too close to call; seemed like an Oklahoma St. lock after his visit there, but since then the appeal of staying on the West Coast has brought the UW back close to even; set to announce tonight at 7:30

DT/DE Pio Vatuvei: Still appears to be a close race between USC & UW, and it may not just be about whether he has a firm or conditional offer from USC - he really likes the UW staff; sounds like he'll be a Signing Day decision

QB Cyler Miles: As noted yesterday, he told he's solid with the UW; it'd be a major shock if he pulled a Signing Day flip to USC

CB Randall Goforth: Still seems to be a strong ASU lean

CB Brandon Beaver: No change, I still think he's highly likely to be a Dawg

CB Cleveland Wallace: Haven't heard any updates; probably still leaning Oregon St., but UW has a chance to flip him

DE Alonzo Williams: Re-affirmed his commitment to Texas A&M yesterday

S Devian Shelton: Very likely sticking with his Oregon St. commitment

WR Michael Rector: Battle of sources on this one, but most feel he's flipped to Stanford

We also can't rule out the possibility of a few guys coming into the picture out of left field at the last minute - there's always a lot of late scrambling. Sark might have some plan B guys he offers today or tomorrow, and there might be a major surprise or two in the making. That USC has a hard limit on scholarships this year means there could be more last-minute scrambling than usual.