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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Most of you may know me as The Classic Crime, which by the way is an amazing local band that you should check out, as I have been writing about basketball for the past several weeks here at the Dawg Pound. John has graciously allowed me to become a regular contributor here, for which I cannot thank him enough.

If the name looks familiar to any of you that may be because when the Husky football team went down to Texas for the Alamo Bowl, they visited at a place called the Knibbe Ranch. If you watch the link embedded into that video you will hear within one verse the Knibbe Ranch mentioned. My name is pronounced slightly differently than that, with the K not being a silent K. Other than that difference however, everything is pronounced the same way.

I thought that some of you might want to learn a little bit about me, so I thought this may be a good idea to do a little "about me" post.

I am currently attending Everett Community College, studying to get my transfer degree to hopefully (fingers crossed) attend the UW in Spring of 2013. I am lucky that the number one school in the state for journalism is Washington, as I would not want to go anywhere else.

If you asked me, as a Senior in high school, that I would attempt to go on to become a sportswriter I would think that you would be crazy. Writing was something that I could never get any sort of grasp on, and never enjoyed nor fully understood many of the things that went behind it. The writing that I have done here has changed my perspective, as has all the kind words and comments that I have received. Recs are nice too. It is crazy how much writing on SB Nation is done for Recs. They are like the ultimate fist bump from somebody. I encourage you to be liberal with your use of Recs. Make it rain! However, as you know, I am now looking for a way to start a journalism career. I know that it is an arduous path full of sleepless nights and low pay, but if it means I get paid to watch and talk about sports, I am all in.

My passion for sports began when I was young. My family could not understand it, as sports were not talked about much in the home. My dad was not an athlete, my mom wasn't an athlete, I just picked it up on my own. I loved family gatherings as just a child for the sole fact that I could talk about sports to relatives. My mom's cousin Bill Walsh was actually a walk-on quarterback for the Orange Bowl-champion Huskies in 1985.

If you want to know my basketball background, well it isn't as fruitful as I would like. I played on C-team for two years and didn't play for the next two due to shady dealings by the head coach that I did not want to deal with. I was a decent player until I was rear-ended and injured my back. I have a tip for all of you drivers out there: don't get rear-ended, it hurts a lot for a long time.

Lastly, I just want to thank John for allowing me to take over the basketball side of the blog, this is the best stepping stone that I could ask for, and I look forward to watching and discussing all of the games with the readers and commenters around here.