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The Monday Morning Wash

Just a few brief notes this morning since I am still in Mexico...Zach Banner will be announcing today (2:30 PM) and while his heart may be at USC his mom's may be now at Washington and that could be enough to keep the big guy home. Seems that the family while impressed with everything SC has to offer isn't that thrilled about him being in LA.

Arik Armstead to Oregon sort of surprised me...I figured he was headed to Cal...what really surprised were he and his parents comments about negative recruiting. Looks like Sark and the boys need to clean that up a bit but we will get into more of that once the entire class is in the books later in the week.

Malcolm Jackson won't be a Husky. The DT is headed to SDSU after the UW dropped him because of grades. It is looking more and more like the coaches will struggle to bring in 25 this year which is really going to be a disappointment.

An insider on the Dawgman board says Shane Brostek is telling folks in the Islands that he is headed to Washington. Keep your fingers crossed on that one because the Ducks are still in serious play for his services.

Brandon Beaver was at Cal this weekend. Nobody thinks he is serious about Cal but you just never know with this kid. The world finds out on signing day where he will hang his hat.

Jordan Payton and Shaq Thompson were reportedly in Seattle this past weekend on unofficial visits. It is looking more and more like they are headed to UW.

Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times wrote an article this weekend which basically trashes those nameless people who populate the message boards and criticize the decisions of PSA's when they choose to leave the state. Steve forgets to mention that that the nastiest and most virulent message boards are run by the Seattle Times.

News develops fast this time of year and I will be checking in from the beach during the day...Go Dawgs!