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New Years shout out

I want to thank everyone out there who contributed to the blog this past season by reading, posting, and contributing. You guys have all helped us build a great online Husky culture that everyone can be proud of.

I want to take the time to single out a few guys who went above and beyond this season by answering the call for help!

Gekko Mojo - I thought you did a great job during your first season of writing for the blog. I think you really hit your stride as the season went on. An issue of the Gekko File is always welcome!

The Cassino - Great job helping on basketball and simply being an extra set of eyes that are moderating the site on a day to day basis.

Justin Lee - Justin did a fantastic job developing his Husky comic strip this season. In addition to the comic strip I really enjoyed the commentary that accompanied it.

Bugs - Great job on your Husky short stories this season...we all loved them.

ToddWilliams206 - Todd did a fantastic job writing relevant weekly articles.

KirkD - As usual Kirk put together some of our favorite and most informative fan posts.

CoDawg - Thanks for all of your contributions. I thought everything you wrote via fan post this season was great.

Randall Floyd - 101 things you can blame every week on Nick Holt!

Lear Jet - Thanks for running the weekly pool throughout the season and warning us repeatedly about the evils of Nick Holt.

If anyone would like to help out during basketball season just let us know...we are always looking for contributors to the blog. Remember it is your community...we just moderate it.