Another Senior Bowl Update


Here's the latest from Tony Pauline. He mentioned Polk, Ta'amu and Kelemete. "QB Russell Wilson of Wisconsin has shown he's able to make plays based on his athleticism. Wilson looked like he was going to be sacked in scrimmage for a big loss, but was able to escape the rush and defenders to make a nice completion to Chris Polk." "DT Alameda Ta'amu of Washington is still showing tremendous power and has been tough to stop. On the last play he drove Ohio State center Mike Brewster into the backfield, three yards behind the line of scrimmage." "OL Senio Kelemete of Washington was pushed inside to guard today and was effective. He's a solid athlete and his ability to block with sound fundamentals (knee bend, hand placement) is impressive." For the record, don't let Ta'amu near my children.