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Puppy Chow

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

Yesterday was interesting wasn't it?

We started the day with the news that Brandon Beaver had tweeted that he hadn't committed to anyone and was upset that the information was leaked because he still hadn't truly made up his mind. I still think Beaver will end up being a Husky but I think he really wants to make the announcement on his terms.

There was a lot of finger pointing among the recruiting sites concerning this one but to be fair it seems like Beaver is as responsible for his own PR as anyone else since he tends to telegraph every move he makes with a tweet. My advice...have fun Brandon...take your only get to do this once.

I also want to mention another thing...and that is ripping a recruit if he ends up going somewhere else or is simply vacillating. Don't do it because it will earn you a long time out that might stretch past LOI day. Be mature enough to respect these kids when they are about to make the biggest decision of their lives.

One interesting kid to follow has been KeiVarae Russell. I think it is cool that he ended up choosing a school that is 2000 miles away from where he lives. I never blame a local kid for picking a Notre Dame or isn't like he picked Oregon.

What I do find really puzzling is the non stop chatter about a hate for UW since he committed to ND. He even recently reached out to Cedric Dozier advising him not to look at Washington even though the two coaches who had recruited him had accepted positions on the staff.

Happy 3000 Day

Yesterday according to ATQ marked the 3000 day anniversary of the last time Washington had defeated Oregon in football. Our friends at ATQ celebrated by spamming our web site with rec's which turned our message boards green.

It was initially pretty funny until it overwhelmed our boards and took on a completely disrespectful and nasty tone from their posters. I asked for some help from the management of ATQ because it was getting out of hand but didn't get it. Since they had instigated and supported the attack I took it directly to SBN.

One thing we have always done since day one is welcome the contribution of members from other Pac 12 blogs. We have had an open door policy over the years which has really improved the overall content of our site. I think it is unfortunate that we won't have that with Oregon fans anymore.

I spent two hours cleaning up the mess and I banned a total of 36 ATQ posters. Going forward we are just going to ignore them. If anyone here does retaliate or pulls any funny business on their site it will earn you a time out over here and probably a ban over there.

Keep in mind that football games are played on the field and not in the stands.

California Dreaming

It has to suck to be a Cal fan this week and I can surely commiserate with those guys because we have all been there done that in recent memory. If a Cal fan needs to come over here and vent...well more power to them because they have a very credible issue to be pissed off about.

Losing two top recruiting coaches a couple of weeks before LOI day while they were putting together one of the top classes in the country is a disaster. Losing those two coaches to a team in your own division is just mind boggling.

Lupoi is a guy that Cal had groomed since almost the day he was born. He grew up in the neighborhood. He went to DeLasalle. He has spent his entire playing and coaching life at Cal. He was a young version of Jim Lambright. He was held to a different standard of rules by Cal fans.

How do you immediately recover from that? I guess we are going to find out over the next couple of weeks how Jeff Tedford deals with that.