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Football Analysis

Articles related to analyzing games, polls, standings, and races.

Three Things We Learned: Texas

An off night with the deep ball, improved tackling, and a loaded 2023 roster

Tuesday Dots: Alamo Dawgs

The Huskies are in San Antonio to prepare for the Alamo Bowl and the Volleyball team hires a familiar name as new coach.

Tuesday Dots: Heisman Hopeful

The Heisman Campaign for QB Michael Penix is in full effect

Three Things We Learned: Colorado

Of all the games the Huskies have played, that was one of them

Tuesday Dots: Menifield Madness

Freshman Guard Keyon Menifield Jr. leads the way for the Huskies Men’s Basketball team on Monday night over Utah Tech.

Three Things We Learned: Oregon

A win for conservative coaching, the Huskies finally catch some breaks on the road, and some...not so great UW tackling.

Tuesday Dots: Opening Night

The Women’s and Men’s hoops team both win on Opening Night while the Football team prepares for a big showdown in Eugene.

Three Things We Learned: Oregon State

Looking back at UW’s big win against the Beavers on Friday night

Three Things We Learned: California

The offense can fail to hit 30, reinforcements aren’t enough yet on D, and #Pac-12Refs is still a thing

Three Things We Learned: Arizona

The short yardage struggles are opponent agnostic, Penix looks just fine, and a big day from Jeremiah Martin

Mailbag: Defensive Debacle Edition

Answering fewer questions about the offense this week for some reason...

Three Things We Learned: Arizona State

Curses are real, the pass rush is capable of a stinker, and Cam Davis looks ready

Mailbag: Friday Night Plights Edition

Answering questions on the defense, the botched pitch safety, and the officiating

Three Things We Learned: UCLA

Struggles under pressure, a cooked secondary, and trouble on the road

Three Things We Learned: Stanford

Penix is human (sorta), the pass rush is great against a statue/turnstile, and the huge late leads are necessary

Mailbag: Don’t Want That Smoke Edition

Your questions answered in the middle of Michigan State week

Tuesday Dots: Purple Out!

It’s a Purple Out this Saturday as the Huskies welcome Sparty into town.

Three Things We Learned: Portland State

Bralen Trice, the running game, and receiver depth

Three Things We Learned: Kent State

The passing game? It’s good now. For real.

Brendan Radley-Hiles Scouting Report

Radley-Hiles was one of the most recognizable players on the team this last season, but where he could end up in the draft?

Luke Wattenberg Scouting Report

Wattenberg enjoyed a long career with the Huskies, but does he have a future in the NFL?

Cade Otton NFL Scouting Report

What is Cade Otton’s NFL outlook after a season marred by injury?

Film Study: Arkansas State Red Wolves

The UW offense comes alive with the help of three healthy wideouts.

Film Study: Montana

Where to start?

Player Development Rankings Update

With a good chunk of the 2017 recruiting class now drafted, has Washington’s elite player development kept up?

Coach Gregory’s LB Legacy

How have UW’s linebackers fared under Bob Gregory’s tutelage?

Film Study: Utah

Washington did not play great, but grinded to a win

The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown: Utah

Breaking down the positives and negatives from the Utah game.

Three Things We Learned: Arizona

You mean besides that this team might be pretty darn good?

The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown: Arizona

Breaking down the positive and negatives from the Arizona game.

The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown: Oregon State

Breaking down the positive and negatives from the Oregon State game.

3 Things We Learned: Oregon State

Did someone call for fancy charts? We’ve got you covered.