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Pac 12 Pick Em - Week Two

This should be a pretty interesting week in the conference and around the country. The Arizona schools are featured on Thursday and Friday this week with big games scheduled against Big 12 9 opponents.

Arizona at Oklahoma State

We really didn't get a real good idea of who Arizona is because of the competition they played against last week. Okie State took on LA-Lafayette so that wasn't exactly a great gauge either. The Cowboys picked up 388 through the air last week so I think it will be interesting to see how well they match up with an Arizona secondary that is one of the better in the country. I really can't argue with Vegas on this one.

Vegas - Okie State by 14 - John B Picks - Oklahoma State 37 Arizona 21

Missouri at Arizona State

I liked what I saw out of the Devils last week. I like it enough to bump them up to #2 in the Pac 12 Power Poll. For some reason the national pollsters didn't feel that way. ASU is unranked going into this contest while the Tigers are a lofty #21. I pick the Devils to burst onto the national scene with a convincing win on Friday night.

Vegas - Arizona State by 7.5 - John B Picks - Arizona State 31 Missouri 24

Oregon State at Wisconsin

Judging by the Beavers performance last weekend this game is going to be a complete train wreck. Wisconsin is going to throttle these guys.

Vegas - Wisconsin by 21.5 - John B Picks - Wisconsin 42 Oregon State 17

California at Colorado

I love the way the Bears started the season and was really surprised by how Colorado looked in their debut. The Cal defense is going to shut the Buff's completely down. I am kind of surprised that the line is this close but Cal has a history of laying eggs on the road.

Vegas - California by 6.5 - John B Picks - California 38 Colorado 14

Stanford at Duke

The Cards are going to roll over one of their few academic equals. This game shouldn't be much of a challenge for Stanford.

Vegas - Stanford by 21 - John B Picks - Stanford 45 Duke 13

Nevada at Oregon

This is going to be an interesting match-up because Nevada historically is not a pushover. The Wolfpack are well coached but can they replace QB Colin Kaepernick? The Ducks aren't playing well right now and the off season distractions seem to be finally taking over the psyche of the squad...of course we said that a season or so back when they lost to Boise so who really knows?

Vegas - Oregon by 26.5 - John B Picks - Oregon 45 Nevada 14

UNLV at Washington State

Cougs served up a tough break with the injury to Jeff Tuel but the possibility of a 5-0 start isn't down the drain with the "Lobster" at the helm.

Vegas - WSU by 14 - John B Picks - WSU 41 UNLV 15

Utah at USC

Both teams weren't exactly sharp last week against less than stellar competition. I give the edge to the Trojans because Jordan Wynn isn't exactly a Pac 12 quality starting QB and Matt Barkley is.

Vegas USC by 9 - on John B Picks - USC 27 Utah 17

San Jose State at UCLA

Rick has run into the problem that every head coach at UCLA has had since Terry Donahue left for the NFL. The kids simply don't care because they would rather be at the beach or hanging out picking up hotties in Westwood. That being said the Bruins shouldn't have a problem with the Spartans.

Vegas UCLA by 21.5 - John B Picks - UCLA 51 San Jose State 12