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Grading the Game


Keith Price was one of the biggest reasons Washington won this game. His numbers weren't all that impressive. He was 17-25 for only 102 yards but he had three TD passes. His most important stat was no turnovers even though he didn't get much or any support from his receivers or linemen. When Price needed to run he ran well. He did get a little banged up in the second quarter and finished the game wearing a knee brace. The thing I really like about Keith is he puts UW in a position to win games. He isn't the second coming of Johnny Unitas but a guy who doesn't lose games for you is...well...priceless. I would love to see him go deep but maybe he just doesn't have the arm which could end up being a long term concern. - Grade B

Running Backs

Chris Polk and Jessie Callier turned in their usual stellar performances. Chris picked up 147 needed yards on the ground only two weeks after having knee surgery. Callier picked up 47 and Sankey showed the same flash he has shown all fall. Most of these yards were picked up with little help up front from the offensive line. Jonathan Amosa picked up the first TD of the year. - Grade B Plus


Way too many dropped balls and not nearly enough yards after the catch. Kasen Williams picked up his first TD pass but I was didn't like the cocky action immediately after the TD catch. I hate that type of showboat crap. Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar were non factors. James Johnson was a definite bright spot who led UW receivers with four catches. Just a poor overall performance by this group. The EWU receivers outperformed these primadonna's all night.- Grade D

Tight Ends

This unit is green but you can really see the potential. Michael Hartvigson is the best of the group at this point because he is the best blocker. These guys are going to improve quickly and become one of the strengths of the team.- Grade B

Offensive Line

I think we all expected quite a bit more. As a group these kids were absolutely terrible. Erik Kohler has become the next Cody Habben. He spent most of the evening being pancaked by 1-AA defensive linemen. As for the rest of these guys I can't say a single positive thing because they all sucked. This is the best offensive line Sark has had at Washington? If these guys play like this the rest of the season the Huskies won't win more than three games. - Grade D Minus

Defensive Tackle

No pressure...absolutely no pressure most of the night against a 1-AA foe. Alameda Ta'amu played like a big fat pile of goo. He was dominated most of the evening by players who had no business being on the same playing field with him. No pressure from the ends which was a surprise....did anyone ever hear Everrette Thompson's name mentioned? - Grade D

Defensive End

Where were these guys all night? I thought this was going to be the debut of constant speed and pressure harassing opposing quarterbacks. Oh by the way...what was your favorite Josh Shirley moment? - Grade D


Thank God for Cort Dennison. I love this kid and if he hadn't been in the game Washington would have lost the game by 14.Cort looks a helluva lot more sculpted this season...pretty obvious he worked his butt off during the off season. Timu and Fui are works in progress who will only get better as time goes on. The backups are all in the same boat...great potenital players who are really green. - Grade C Plus (....but give Cort a B plus)


Trufant saved the game with a last second interception but this was his worst overall performance as a Husky. He just didn't show up and it was obvious that his coaches have not done a good job getting him and the rest of the DB's prepared. Ducre and Gobern were probably worse if that is even possible. Fellner and Parker both stunk it up at safety. They were out of position all night. - Grade F

Special Teams

The biggest bright spot of the evening if you ask me. The return and coverage games seem to be improved.We didn't turn the ball ove rand we didn't seem to make any mistakes. Big plus compared to last season at this time. - Grade B Plus


I really wish Sark would delegate the play calling. He isn't sharp enough to run the entire game and call all the plays with success...that being said nobody really is all an ego thing. I thought he did a great of getting Price read to play and as usual Chris Polk saved his bacon by picking up nearly 150 yards on his own. I can't believe that I bought the BS that this offensive line was about as simply very green and challenged at this point.

I love Nick Holt but he didn't have his kids prepared to play. His defenders were out of position all night not to mention that they seemed to be simply uninspired. When you give up 473 yards to Eastern Washington you have to question everything. One thing I would really question is if Nick Holt is worth all the money he is getting. It is year three and things aren't improving. I'm not saying that I can scheme better than him...but the coaches at little old Eastern owned him on Saturday...that bothers me and should bother you. - Grade D