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Grading the Game - California

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Quarterback - Keith Price made a couple of costly mistakes but those type of things are going to happen now and then. That being said I think he is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in Washington history. All this kid does is lead and make plays. He is really fun to watch and he willed his team to victory today. Who leads the country in TD passes? I guess that would be Keith Price. Grade - A Minus

Running Backs - Chris Polk failed to go over the century mark in rushing but his 70 yard TD reception won the game for the Dawgs. Cal's defensive front is one of the best we will see this season. I loved the way Bishop Sankey looked when Sark featured him for a series. Sankey is going to be real good! Callier as usual was solid in every role that was given to him. Amosa made some great blocks. Grade - B

Wide Receivers - Chris Polk was actually the leading receiver for UW with four catches. ASJ had a great game with two TD grabs but had a costly fumble which nearly cost UW the game in the fourth quarter. Jermaine Kearse was knocked out of a game for the second time this season. I only saw one obvious drop so it was a pretty solid performance. Grade - A Minus

Offensive Line - Chris Polk only gained 60 yards on twenty carries so these guys had a tough time with the Cal defensive front. Kohler was exposed at times but he seems to have a knack for learning from the experience and getting better. I guess you can say that about the entire unit. Grade - B Minus

Defensive Line - These guys aren't getting enough pressure on the quarterback and a lot of it has to do with how conservative Holt is calling the game. I'm not sure if Holt has the confidence to go for the QB early. Holt should call Jim Lambright up on the phone and ask if he can borrow some hair. Ta'amu still isn't playing at all conference level. He only had one assist to his credit which is ridiculous. I did think that Everrette Thompson had his best game of the season. The ends seemed more active and we definitely had a Josh Shirley sighting. Josh picked up his first sack as a Husky. Grade - B Minus

Linebacker - Cort Dennison was the defensive player of the game. He was everywhere and made some incredible plays. I just love this guy and he knocked the snot out of people at times. Jamaal Kearse gets mention because he knocked the snot out of people on special teams and did a great of subbing for Timu. He definitely opened some eyes. Grade - B Plus

Secondary - Hard to imagine that Quinton Richardson could be worse than he was last week but he was. Sometimes you scratch your head with "Q" and wonder what he is thinking or not thinking. His mental lapses are worth 7-14 points per game for the opposition. Trufant can be shut down at times but he was clearly challenged by the bigger Cal receivers. Have to say that Cal has an excellent group of receivers and at least three of those kids will play on Sunday. Gobern came in and gave us some good reps. Grade - C Plus

Special Teams - The punting and kicking was fine as usual. We had some nice returns and the coverage was pretty decent. Smith and Callier are developing into serious return threats. Kasen Williams seems to be more comfortable each week returning punts. Grade - A

Coaching - I thought Sark called one of his better games. Some of his calls really brought a smile to my face because they were absolutely brilliant. Polks TD reception was one of those moments. That was just a brilliant play call. The ground game wasn't working but Sark played it well and kept his team from becoming one dimensional. Holt's defense gave up 457 yards which just isn't acceptable, but how many of those yards are directly attributable to Quinton Richardson? Gee I don't know...150 or more? You can't argue with the outcome which was a 31-23 win but the defense is holding back the rest of the team...and a lot of it is on him based on the way he calls the game. He need to get the pressure on the opposing QB earlier in the game. All that being said a goal line stand did win today's game and they get plus points for that. The UW defense held Cal to only 3 points in the second half. Grade - B Plus

Offensive Player of the Week - QB Keith Price - He was 19-25 for 292 yards and three touchdowns. He has 14 TD's in four games to lead the country.

Defensive Player of the Week - MLB Cort Dennison - He led the team with 11 tackles and had a number of key stops which rallied the team to victory.