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Grading the Game - Nebraska

Quarterback - Keith Price looked great out there and played well enough to win. He had two interceptions but I don't think it took much away from his performance. In other words he did a much better job against the Blackshirt defense than Jake Locker ever dreamed of doing. 21-37 and four TD passes gives him a pretty solid grade in only his fourth start.  - Grade A Minus

Running Back - The Huskers solidified there middle and didn't give Chris Polk a lot of running room. Despite that he gained 130 yards on the ground with a long of 25 and a TD. the only question after game three is when uW will break the other teams back with a couple of long runs? - Grade A Minus

Receivers - they did one helluva better job tonight than they did in the previous two meetings. they didn't get bullied at all at the line of scrimmage which is a testament to the job they did getting themselves ready during the off season. Johnson, Kearse, and Aguilar all had all conference types of performances during the game - Grade A

Tight End - ASJ played like a true frosh. The potential is there but he wasn't ready for what he faced against Nebraska. He needs to go after the ball rather than wait for it to come for him....that will come because he is the finest TE specimen I have seen since Breuner...what he learned today will win more than a few conference games for us in the future. - Grade C Plus

Offensive Line - I think these guys have made a quantum leap since the first game of the season. The one knock on them is simply age...they are playing against guys that are 2-3 years older and it shows at time. That being said once they hold theor blocks a couple of milliseconds longer they will be a force. - Grade B

Defensive Line - I thought this was their best game of the season even though we gave up 309 on the ground. I saw a lot of great activity that bodes extremely well for conference play. Grade B

Linebackers - Just like the DL I thought it was thoer best game of the season so far. Timu and Fui really picked up a lot of great experience . Cort as usual was one of the best defensive players on the filed. - Grade B

Secondary - It was a combination of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The entire defense including the secondary was hitting pretty well the entire night. Martinez only manage 155 passing yards but those two TD's were floating ducks that should have never reached their chosen destination. - Grade B

Special Teams - Simply put these guys lost the game by giving up a number of long returns and a fumble at the goal line on a kick off return that was converted into an easy seven. They were also dramatically cheated out of a first half TD by the Big Ten officials who had to have been paid off to make such a crummy call. Smith had a nice return...these guys are getting better. - Grade B

Coaching - I though the coaches did a good job on both sides of the ball in the first half but they completely lost focus in the third quarter which ultimately decided the game. Sark is real predictable under pressure...he goes totally conservative in his play calling. Holt's defense gave up way too many points even though I thought they played their most physical game of the season. Taylor Martinez is going to be hurting in the morning and win or lose that is the essence of Husky football. Despite the loss I think the defense got a lot better today and is headed toward even better things. - Grade B

Officiating - Washington should have led 24-17 at the half but a non existent call on Cort Dennison during a botched Nebraska punt return negated a Husky special teams TD and gave Nebraska great field position to take a three point lead at the half. The crew who took the TD off the board should simply be horsewhipped because they destroyed what could have been a great contest. You have to wonder how much they were paid to throw the game Nebraska's way because instant replay clearly showed there was no infraction and it was a Husky TD? - Grade F