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Puppy Chow

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Rain fell last night during practice for the first time all camp. As usual the first rain of the season presented some challenges for the team which will help them down the line as the season progresses. The QB's and WR's had to make the biggest adjustments because throwing and catching a downpour is never easy.

OT Dexter Charles has made an early impression on the coaching staff. He won't play this season unless there is an emergency but he will compete for a starting job next season. The coaches are really pleased with the way he is playing.

S Travis Feeney is another kid that has caught the eyes of the coaches along with fellow S James Sample. There is enough depth at safety where neither of them really need to play this season but they are both certainly good enough to play right now if needed.

S Taz Stevenson and DT Semisi Tokolahi are getting more playing time in practice. One observer mentioned to me that he felt that Tokolahi was where he needed to be at this point and if he avoids a setback should be able to contribute this season which is good news.

No news on the eligibility of WR Marvin Hall and CB Antavius Sims.

Sark Quote of the Day

"I don't think he had to change. We took Keith as truly a blank slate, or a blank slab - and we got a chance to really mold him. To me, Keith has really grown up in this system; this is all he knows. The fundamentals, the techniques, the calls - he didn't have to re-learn anything. There weren't words that meant something else before that now mean something different in this system. He's just grown into this thing, and he wasn't forced into playing right away. He could have some of those growing pains, and work with it in post-practice and pre-practice. It just didn't get thrown out there on Saturdays where he had to learn through it."

Dawgman Meet and Greet

The Dawgman guys are always being asked to do more meet-and-greet events, and since the last one went so well they're ready to give it another go! This time it will be be at Vino at the Landing, in Renton, Wednesday, August 24th, starting at 7 pm. This is a great opportunity if you want to get the inside scoop on how recruiting is going.

Raise the Woof

If you haven't been out to a practice yet this camp this is the week to get it done because Sark is going to start closing it down to the general public after this Friday. Speaking of Friday it just happens to be the date of the "Raise the Woof" celebration.

The celebration, which will be held rain or shine on the east practice field at Husky Stadium, gives fans the final chance to walk down the legendary Husky Stadium tunnel, meet players and coaches, hear the staff talk about the coming season, the first of Pac-12 play, and find out from Coach Steve Sarkisian who the captains are for the 2011 season.

(According to the website this event is now sold out but there is a waiting list)

So what exactly happened down in Baton Rouge the other day?

We don't know yet what QB Jordan Jefferson and three other teammates did outside Shady's Bar last Thursday night, or if Baton Rouge police will charge him with a crime. That being said we are hearing some pretty choice rumors from some of the witnesses to the incident that if true won't bode well for Jefferson. Perhaps that is why all of the four now are being represented by a lawyer.

Senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry, sophomore offensive tackle Chris Davenport and sophomore Josh Johns have been implicated by police after interviews with witnesses of the fight in the parking lot of Shady's Bar early Friday and interviews with the four male non-football players injured in the fight. All four victims were treated and released within two hours of their arrival at a local hospital, Stone said.

USA Today

How many kids will be suspended from the Miami roster?

Up to fifteen current players could be suspended for receiving illegal benefits from imprisoned booster Nevin Shapiro. The Hurricane athletic department is in complete damage control at the moment as they rush to make decisions that will appease the NCAA and lessen penalties down the road.

"The Miami athletic compliance staff, in a joint effort with the NCAA, is now beginning the process of reviewing the eligibility of 15 current student-athletes," Shalala said. "With the season fast approaching I know our players, coaches and fans are eager to know the results. The process, however, must be deliberate and thorough to ensure its integrity."

The Times

Moving on up!

The administration at Appalachian State has voted to move up to the FBS.

The Mountaineers won three straight Championship Subdivision titles from 2005-07. They have captured six straight Southern Conference titles and have led the FCS in regular-season home attendance four straight years.