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Who’s got the marijuana in the car?

Here is a link to the actual state trooper video of Oregon WR Cliff Harris being pulled over after going 118 MPH on the freeway. QB Darron Thomas is also in the car. If you are a Husky fan this video is pretty hilarious. If you are a Duck fan it is probably pretty hard to watch but I suppose you can still see the humor. I guess it is sort of like having your star TE drive his car into the wall of an assisted living care center.

Chip Kelly's reaction?

Does Chip Kelly even have an ounce of humility or integrity?

The Chip Kelly reaction is pretty disturbing. You have to wonder how long the President of the University of Oregon is going to put up with this clown. Kelly didn't show much class or even a sense of realism in an interview over the release of the Harris/Thomas video.

"Darron Thomas is the leader of this football team," Kelly said. "There is absolutely no question about it. He's as good as I've been around."

Are you kidding me?

"Marijuana really isn't the issue. Nor is speeding. Rather, the question has to be leadership and judgment. As in, does the guy who makes so many brilliant decisions on the field understand how perilous his behavior might someday be off the field? Also, how a good leader might have helped prevent any of the trouble by, you know ... leading?"


UW Practice Notes

Tuesday was a scrimmage day with the emphasis on giving some of the younger players a long look while giving some veterans some time off.

Quinton Richardson was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain and could miss the opener against Eastern. He was walking around with a boot on the sidelines yesterday.

The Huskies are trying to find a back up center. Colin Porter, Mike Criste, and Colin Tanigawa are the leading candidate. The botched snaps that continue with the second unit are part of that process.

As for the starters there were no changes which lead you to believe that the starting lineup will indeed feature Kelemete, Kohler, Porter, Tanigawa, and Schaefer. Sark commented that this is the most explosive offensive line he has had at Washington.

"I like to watch guys come off the ball, that's really telling to me, and I think the really good O-lines really snap off the football together in unison, whether it's a gap scheme or a zone scheme. This offensive line is by far and away our most explosive offensive line.  When they are on double teams they come off and they are moving guys and that's how you become a good running football team."