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Puppy Chow

The Husky football coaching staff has stayed together for three years which happens to be the longest coaching continuity streak since the early 1950's when Johnny Cherberg was able to keep his staff intact for the same amount of time.

"We are all in – everybody is all in at this deal," Dougherty said. "And on top of that, we have fun doing it. We do actually like each other. We hang out even when we are not here … on the weekends. Our families all get along together."

Todd Milles of the TNT

The Seattle PI has a nice article on QB Keith Price which is worth the read.

"Everybody knows what they’re going to get," Price said. "There’s only one side to me. I just try to have fun. That’s my main thing. If the team sees I’m having fun, everything’s not serious. At the end of the day, we’re still playing football, something that we love to do. Let’s just make it fun and not as a job, because we’re not getting paid to do it."

Jermaine Kearse was one of the top receivers in the conference last season but drops were still a big problem. Scott Johnson of the Everett Herald addresses the issue in a profile he put together on Kearse.

"We know Jermaine's going to be there for us," Dougherty said. "He's made a ton of plays for us over the past two years. While he didn't make every play for us last year, he sure made a lot of football plays for us -- a lot of big plays. The goal is definitely to catch them all, and until he does that, we know we're not there yet."

The Denver Post has a neat profile on Coach Sark.

"When I was growing up just running around as a little kid and working my way up through high school, this was the place to come to school," Sarkisian said. "I remember getting one letter from the University of Washington with Don James' signature on it while I was being recruited, and it gave me goose bumps."

Quick Notes

The coaches are taking a long look at Kasen Williams as a punt returner. Kasen was an electrifying returner in high school so it will be interesting to see what he can do at this level.

John Timu has pulled slightly ahead of Garret Gilliland in the race for the WLB position. both of these guys will play this season so think of them as 1-A and 1-B.

WR DiAndre Campbell continues to impress and is having a great camp. It is going to be interesting how the two deeps get sorted out going into the season.


The exact prognosis for Quinton Richardson isn't known yet but Coach Sark thinks it will be a matter of weeks at the worst rather than months as far as his recovery is concerned. Expect Alameda Ta'amu to return to action later in the week once the swelling in his hand subsides. Devin Aguilar is still out with a strained glut.