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Deontae Cooper will miss season once again

Deontae Cooper has re-injured his knee and will miss the 2011 season.Tough break for Cooper who will have to sit out two consecutive seasons. He most likely will be eligible to be granted a sixth season by the NCAA if he is able to fully recover. Johri Fogerson, Bishop Sankey and Kyle Lewis will compete for the playing time that Cooper will miss.

Zach Fogerson is being forced to retire because he has not recovered from a concussion that he suffered during spring ball. Fogerson had a lot of potential but he wasn't able to really bring it on outside of practice because of the injury.

Desden Petty will be counted on to provide some immediate quality minutes but I think the real guy to watch will be Johri Fogerson. Walk on Jonathan Amosa is alos poised to provide quality reps at the position.

DT Chris Robinson will retire due to chronic knee issues. Look for Danny Shelton to get immediate playing time to help fill that void. Robinson is a big loss because the coaches really liked how he had progressed until his knee was reinjured.

Semisi Tokolahi will be able to play this fall according to head coach Steve Sarkisian. The plan is to bring him along slowly in a similar fashion to how they brought along Everette Thompson last season. The goal is to have him ready to provide some serious minutes by the time that conference play starts.

CB Adam Long who tore an ACL this past winter isn't expected to play this fall. Everyone else who was out this past spring not mentioned is due to return at 100% for fall drills.