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The Monday Morning Wash

Even though the NBA could have a lock out and it is very unlikely that he could slip into the first round Isaiah Thomas has told coach Lorenzo Romar that he will still enter the draft. I am not a big fan of any player leaving early unless they are pretty darned sure that they will be selected in the first round.

According to the scouts Thomas may get selected in the second round or he could simply end up not being selected. Nobody doubts IT's talent but he is really short and has plenty of work to do on his shot and his defense. I think he would have been much better served by staying another season.

One thing I find interesting is that it seems that Coach Romar wasn't exactly desperate to find a way to keep him on the roster. There has been plenty of encouragement and support for IT's decision to move on by the coaching staff. Perhaps that has something to do with the arrival of Tony Wroten this summer.

Not so fast

Washington basketball recruit Tony Wroten may have taken an allegedly bogus Spanish class. Wroten told investigators that he didn't do classwork or use a text book, yet he received a C grade that helped him academically qualify for entrance at UW.

From what I am hearing Wroten has enough time to turn this setback around so it will not keep him from enrolling at UW this fall. His family says this latest incident was not his fault. I have a real hard time believing that. Your either taking a real class or you are not. You are either getting special privileges or you are not.

Huskies win the Windemere Cup

There are many things that I miss about Washington and one of them certainly is missing the opening day spectacular on the Montlake Cut. this years Windemere Cup featured Washington, Stanford, and Cambridge who skipped the royal wedding to visit Montlake this spring.

Huskies win Windemere Cup for fifth straight time (Seattle Times).

UW Daily concerning year long preparations for the race.

I hate to jinx these guys but this may be the best crew Washington has had in its long rowing history. There is still plenty of competition left until the IRA and perhaps Henley but this Crew is very impressive.

Ted and Bud start breaking things down

Ted Miller of ESPN has a spring wrap prepared for Washington. Ted also breaks down to other eleven teams in the conference heading into the summer.

Bud Withers of the Seattle Times has a story on what Colorado and Utah are doing to get ready for a Pac 12 schedule.