Recruitocosm: A Crash Course In Washington Huskies Recruiting


Good stuff from a Husky / Longhorn hybrid. My years on campus coincided with the peak of the UW program under Don James. After missing a bowl following a pedestrian 6-5 season during my freshman year in 1988, the program made a leap from usually pretty good with hints of greatness to flat out excellent. The combination of an attacking 46 defense (anchored by a chemically man-beast redneck with a mean streak a mile wide), a mauling offensive line and excellence and depth at the skill positions made UW, for a brief window, a truly dominating force. The Golden Era would not last long, however, as the Billy Joe Hobert loan scandal and the Pac-10/NCAA investigation that would follow led to the resignation of Coach James after the conference handed down unusually harsh sanctions for what amounted to a number of pretty minor secondary violations ("Lack of Institutional Control" = RICO statutes, IMO).