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Should the players get paid?

One of the things that made me grin recently was the revelation the the Big Ten and SEC would like to pay the players...or at least raise the allowance they receive for personal and school expenses every month. The part of it that makes me grin is that players are getting paid under the table anyway so this is just a weak attempt to legalize part of it in the eyes of the NCAA.

The NCAA has a huge compliance problem going on right now because payments or special favors to players in football and basketball have never been higher or more prevalent according to many published reports floating around out there.

The dirtiest place north of Auburn and east of Los Angeles is probably Ohio State at the moment. Insiders believe the entire Buckeye program represents a house of cards ready to fall once the investigating is completed.

Mark Titus who is a former tOSU basketball player who blogs about Buckeye sports raises the question of how so many football players were able to afford brand new cars while he was in school.

Click on the link....pretty funny stuff...enjoy!

I’m just saying that I was always under the impression that the scholarships the football guys got were close to (if not exactly) the same as the basketball guys, yet in my four years of playing basketball at Ohio State, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was consistently one of nicest cars on the team because none of us could afford anything better. Meanwhile, it seemed like everyone on the football team had either a new Charger or a new Chrysler 300.  From this, I am deducing that either the football guys were paid a considerably larger stipend than we were (in all honesty, that could be the case – I really don’t know), were excellent at managing their money, came from financially well off families, or received discounted and/or free cars.  I really can’t see how any of them could’ve had the cars they did without at least one of those four things applying.

Mark Titus