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Recruiting - Quarterbacks

The Huskies would like to sign up to two quality QB's for the 2012 class. The top candidates have been unofficially visiting Montlake this past week to take in a practice. If Washington gets any one of the four guys listed they would be very happy.

Jeff Lindquist - Mercer Island, Wa - He is the top local guy on the board and one of the best in the West. He will choose between Washington and Stanford on May 1st. Most think he is headed to Washington but his brother plays baseball at Stanford so there is a little intrigue going on there.

Bart Houston - Concord, Ca - Bart is regarded as the top QB in the West and he visited Washington this past weekend. The Huskies are obviously in his top five but if Lindquist picks Washington the dominoes will begin to fall and he would likely head elsewhere.

Cyler Miles - Denver, Co - Cyler led Mullen to the Colorado state championship last season. He is predominantly a drop-back passer, but he has enough athleticism and speed to be a threat when on the run.

Travis Wilson - San Clemente, Ca - Wilson is a big 6'6 215 lb drop back QB. He was at practice on Tuesday and enjoyed himself.