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Observations from practice

A friend of mine popped by practice on Saturday and said he really liked the way Keith Price looked in comparison to Nick Montana at this stage of spring drills. An extra year and some game experience last season has allowed the game to slow down quicker for Price at this point who seems to be the most at ease out there.

He thinks Montana will be fine over time but if there was a game next weekend Price would for sure be the starter. That pretty much jives with what we are hearing from everyone else on the boards who have been to practice over the first two weeks.

He goes on to say that Price is developing some swagger and confidence out there which is good to see. Neither of the QB's have the arm strength of Jake but they both have the ability to be much more accurate as their careers progress.

Whoever the starter is they are going to enjoy tossing the ball to the Washington tight ends. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins appears to be everything he was advertised to be at this point. Michael Hartvigson has also been impressive. One thing that is sure to make your QB more accurate is a having big sure handed target over the middle.

Over on defense he says that Garret Gilliland is the real deal at WLB. Sean Parker isn't being put into contact situations at safety but he definitely looks like he can step up and fill the void left by Nate Williams. Will Shamburger had the hit of the day when he blew up Zach Fogerson.

Overall even with the losses of Foster, Williams, and Aiyewa the defense should be better heading into the season. The key will be play on the line and experience in the backfield. The Huskies are loaded at defensive end in a way we haven't seen in over a decade.

Thompson, Chrichton, and Jamora all look good at this point but Shirley and Hudson are definitely bringing the heat as speed pass rushers. Expect the Washington sack totals to rise in 2011 because these kids are nearly impossible to block off the edge.

So exactly what type of team is this I asked my friend? He said his best guess was between a 4-8 worst scenario and a 8-4 best. He thinks the difference is all dependent on the play at quarterback and the development of the offensive line.