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Jerry Brewer's Law

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times wrote a story today that says that Venoy Overton's punishment wasn't enough. Brewer thinks he should have been suspended the rest of the season even though the charge was a gross misdemeanor. Overton was suspended for three potential games during the Pac 10 tournament but can return to action if the team qualifies for a post season tournament.

In contrast Brewer is just fine with the one game suspension of WSU's Klay Thompson for being caught with marijuana. I happen to be just fine with it too. It was his first offense and his one game suspension cost WSU a possible win which could have put them in the NCAA tournament. That is a high price to pay.

So why is Overton's case different? First of all both charges were misdemeanors and doesn't a potential three game suspension penalize the player and his team significantly? I guess the main reason for treating him differently would be the sordid details surrounding the case that were leaked out to the public.

The testimony says that two 16 year old girls had sex or performed sexual acts with Overton after he plied them with alcohol at his sisters apartment in the central district. One of the girls filed rape charges against him that were dropped because her testimony to police was not consistent. Overton says the sex was consensual.

Brewer goes on to say that Romar made just an OK decision with the three game suspension but passed on the opportunity to make the great decision which would have resulted in Overton for all intents and purposes being tossed off the team.

Venoy Overton "made a series of poor decisions on that January night. They were morally corrupt decisions that cannot be tolerated," writes The Times' Jerry Brewer.

His (Romar) level of discipline was OK — not acceptable, but OK — compared to what other coaches would do. But he should've sent a stronger message.

So what is your opinion? Do you agree with Jerry Brewer that the punishment was too light or do you agree with Coach Romar's decision to suspend Venoy for up to three games?