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Oregon and the street agents

On December 21st I wrote an article (linky) about the influence that street agents are having in recruiting and college football. Oregon released records yesterday that they paid approximately $28,745 to two street agents last season. The money went to the two subjects I wrote about in the December 21st article.

$25,000 of the money was spent to "subscribe" to a publication put out by Will Lyles who supposedly delivered Lache Seastrunk to Oregon in 2010. The other $3,745 went to Baron Flenory who has also been very influential in helping place Texas athletes at Oregon.

(For the record most college programs subscribe to these type of services. The prices average around $1500 per season. The amount Oregon paid to these two guys...especially Lyles is what is raising some eyebrows.)

Now before you get on the Oregon is going on probation band wagon please consider that while these payments may have been exorbitant by NCAA standards there is enough of a loophole that it just may have been a legal transaction because of the verbiage of the NCAA rule regarding such matters.

NCAA investigators are all over this. It is pretty obvious now that Oregon was paying for players but they may have found a way to do it without it being illegal because of the verbiage. Oregon was so confident that paid the money over the table for the subscriptions so they don't have anything to hide.

Expect the NCAA to close that loop hole pronto. In the meantime things are getting hot in Eugene. The NCAA now has a reason to go deep. That isn't a good thing. No program wants that to happen because everyone operates in a lot of gray areas. If you don't draw any attention nobody looks for those (fruit baskets) gray area's. That being said the NCAA is looking for fruit baskets in Eugene.

According to State of Oregon expenditure records, the university paid $25,000 to Will Lyles of Complete Scouting Services in Houston, and $3,745 to Baron Flenory of New Level Athletics. Lyles is a former athletic trainer who recently was serving as a mentor to highly touted Ducks running back recruit Lache Seastrunk. Meanwhile, Flenory runs the Badger Sports Elite 7-on-7 football camps which have featured several celebrated Ducks signees including running back DeAnthony Thomas, defensive back Cliff Harris, defensive back Dior Mathis and wideout Tacoi Sumler. Flenory had a personal training relationship with recent Ducks signee Anthony Wallace.