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How deep will Washington go in the tournament?

Nobody expects a lot from Washington this post season. At least not a lot of people nationally. Belmont has more buzz coming into this tournament than the Huskies. The Huskies underperformed the majority of the season and had to rally to win some games in the tournament to get an invitation to this thing.

So who is going to show up on Friday and hopefully Sunday? Will it be the team that finished the regular season with a 5-6 record or the team that went 3-0 and won the Pac 10 tournament? I am thinking that it is the latter and that the Huskies just may be dangerous enough to go deeper than most think.

Washington drew the toughest bracket in the tournament in my humble opinion. First up will be a battle with #10 seed Georgia in Charlotte, N.C. The other Dawgs are a tough matchup, having taken good teams like Florida, Kentucky and Notre Dame to the last tics of the game clock.

If the Huskies survive they will likely face #2 seed North Carolina in what amounts to be a home game for the Tar Heels. This isn't a vintage NC team. They are beatable and Washington is very capable of being the team that administers that beating.

The Huskies would then move on to the Sweet Sixteen in Newark, NJ . Syracuse would be the next likely opponent based on seed. The Orange are a team that is very Final Four capable going into this thing as a third seed. Get by the Orange and UW likely runs into the brick wall of number one Ohio State in the Elite Eight.

So how deep do you think the Huskies will go?

I can see us winning 2-3 games...what do you think?