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The NCAA Tournament Primer

It is that time of year again. Time to pick your brackets and decide who will be the ultimate winner of one of sports biggest prizes...the NCAA basketball tournament.

Helpful hints to consider when filling out your bracket.

Trying to pick the destiny of 68 teams over a four week period isn't exactly easy but here are a few ideas that can help guide you to success.

  1. Don't overestimate the ability of your own team. Most brackets get busted by the suckers who just can't pick against their own squad.
  2. Don't pick a Cinderella in the the first round. The odds are against you even though somebody in this category breaks through most seasons.
  3. Pick your biggest upsets in the second round. Statistically that is when the majority of them happen.
  4. When you pick upsets the majority of them are non ranked BCS schools against ranked BCS schools.
  5. Teams can go as far as the Sweet 16 a solid back court but the teams that advance past that also have a solid front court.

Who are 2011's Top Cinderella Candidates?

  1. Belmont...The 30-4 Bruins have the potential to be first and second round giant killers. This team has top 25 talent and they are more than capable of going deep as in Elite Eight deep. The other Bruins are more than capable of upsetting Wisconsin.
  2. Oakland...The 25-9 Golden Grizzlies played a brutal non conference schedule against the likes of Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Illinois, and West Virginia. Oakland has NBA size and talent on the post. They face Texas in the first round and this one has upset written all over it.
  3. Bucknell...The 25-8 Bison draw U-Conn in the opening round and this could be the year the other Huskies get bumped early.
  4. Utah State...The 30-3 Aggies have won twelve in a row and face Kansas State in the first round. They have a 33 RPI but nobody ever hears anything about them. This is a solid team that will be very competitive.

Tough Road for Washington

Washington will face Georgia on Friday in Charlotte, N.C., in the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. The Huskies are a seven seed, while Georgia from the SEC is a ten. 6'10 PF Trey Thompkins is the dominant player in the Georgia line up. MBA will likely draw the assignment to sptop him defensively. On paper this is a game the Huskies should win but expect it to be very close.

If the Huskies survive the opener their likely opponent in the second round would be North Carolina which is a second seed. The Tar Heels were the regular season ACC champs while Duke won the tournament and was chosen as a number one seed. Playing UNC in Charlotte will be pretty close to playing the Heels in Chapel Hill.

If Washington makes it through the first weekend the next team they will play based on the seeding is most likely Syracuse which is a #3 seed. Get by Syracuse and the reward is a game against tournament favorite Ohio State for the right to go to the final four.

Keep in mind that the Huskies can be competitive with anyone in the country right now. They seem to be hitting their stride and have regained their swagger just in time for the tournament. That being said the NCAA selection committee did them no favors. UW would rather be out West playing in UCLA's spot which looks relatively easy by comparison.


All State BFF Brackets

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