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Puppy Chow - Somebody gets cleared

Whoever it was who could have been in big trouble on the basketball team has been cleared. That is good news for a team that has been walking around with a big weight around their collective necks for the past couple of weeks.

Seattle Times

Jacoby Brissett Saga

We will let you know tonight when we find out. Hearing Miami or Florida now.

My take on the class

Whats my final take on the recruiting class after having a day to let it all sink in? I think the coaches accomplished everything they set out to do minus the late defections which shouldn't hurt them in the long run. It does put more pressure on them to get those holes filled next year.

Three consecutive recruiting classes have yielded only nine offensive linemen. That is an average of only three per year. Washington needs to load up with lineman on both sides of the ball in 2012.

2012 Recruiting Needs

Look for the Huskies to sign 22-25 kids next year depending upon how attrition works out. Keep in mind that Chris Polk will likely leave after his junior year and Tupou and Finau have both stated that they definitely want to take their missions. The need sorts out below.

QB (1) RB (2) WR (2) TE (1) OL (6) DL (5) LB (2) CB (2) PK (1)

Bad Basketball

Didn't I say yesterday that we have a championship caliber basketball team to follow? The Huskies took a beating from the Oregon State Beavers last night in Corvallis. The Huskies are looking to bounce back the Ducks this weekend in Eugene after two consecutive road losses. Isn't this the same oregon State team that has lost to Seattle U two years in a row?

Finding New Homes

Anthony Boyles will pursue his dreams as a receiver at Idaho State as a grad student. That's right he earned degree with two years of eligibility still remaining. Congratulations to Anthony who came to entered as a redshirt.

Andru Pulu and Demetrius Bronson are headed to Eastern Washington.

Antavius Sims

When I saw his film earlier this year I hoped Washington would end up offering him as a CB. This kid can really fly and he is big and athletic. UW needed help at CB this season and Sims gives them an immediate impact even if he won't be starting. I think it is pretty safe to say he will be in the rotation next fall. We were all bummed out when Kameron Jackson went to Cal but I think this kid offers a lot more over the short term. With good size and 4.3 speed we may end up seeing him play both ways. This kid was a real steal for Washington.

NFL Combine

Jake Locker, Nate Williams, and Mason Foster have all been invited to the NFL combine.

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