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Pac 12 Recruiting Rankings

1. Southern California...The Trojans even with the threat of sanctions still put together their usual quality haul of great athletes. They signed 29 players yesterday so one wonders how they will get them all in school if their appeal fails? Looks like the Trojans decided to move on the assumption that the appeal would be successful and if it isn't they will deal with the aftermath later.

2. Oregon...The Ducks were expected to have a monster class and they did not disappoint. The big surprise was the signing of  DeAnthony "Black Mamba" Thomas who they stole away from USC. Even more impressive was the signing of 12 four star players.

3. California...The Bears put together one of the best DL classes I have ever seen on paper. They also stole CB Kameron Jackson from UW on the last day. Villiami Moala is a huge get for the Bears. He will plug the middle for the next four years.

4. Washington...The Huskies were able to hold on at the end while putting together another impressive class. Fans may be disappointed by the losses of two offensive linemen on the last day but this is a pretty solid class from top to bottom.

5. Stanford...The Cards were headed towards a top five class until Harbaugh resigned. Defections helped them drop a bit but this is still a very solid class that is rate in the top 25 nationally. S Wayne Lyons is a huge get.

6. Oregon State...Typical class for the Beavers as they land in the middle of the Pac and on top of the second tier. DE Dylan Wynn is the headliner.

7. Utah...The Ute's had a solid class despite losing QB Derrick Brown in the last week to UW. Harvery Langhi an Anthony Denham are big time recruits who can provide some instant impact. Utah is doing a good job keeping the best in the state home.

8. Washington State...Defections hurt this class at the finish line but this is not a poor class...just not a great one on paper. If they get all the JC's in school they will get some instant impact. Chester Sua is the highest rated player in the class but it is tough to say who is the best because there are so many sleepers. The Florida connection is interesting and yielding some overlooked talent from the Orange state.

9. Colorado...Strong finish for Jon Embree in his first season. They stole four star OL Paulay Asiata from UW on the last day which boosted their rating out of the basement. Expect Colorado to be a player in California an the islands in the future.

10. Arizona State...Dennis Erickson like Mike Stoops is having a big problem putting a fence around the state. You would figure that if he could sell WSU and OSU he could sell ASU. Catch of the class is QB Michael Eubank who shot up the rankings during his senior season.

11. Arizona...This is a real poor showing by a program that has been carefully rebuilt by Mike Stoops. The loss of assistant coaches in the off season is a huge reason that this class is a miss. The star of the class is probably S Patrick Onwuasor who the Huskies passed on.

12. UCLA....No reason for UCLA to be ranked this low except for two things. First would be the that the kids and parents can smell the blood on the sidewalk. Second is that Rick went national this year and fell flat on his face while his program continued to internally implode. The star of the class is QB Brett Hundley who was coveted by Washington.