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Puppy Chow - Tui heads to UCLA

Marques Tuiasosopo is heading to UCLA to join the staff of his former college coach Rick Neuheisel. Not sure exactly what his position will be down there which is typical of the cluster that Rick has created while remaking his coaching staff this off season. He could end up being a GA or have a title similar to the one he has had at UW.

Tui eventually wants a job as an assistant coach and he is obviously in line for one at Washington one of these days but the Husky staff hasn't made any changes since Sark arrived. This will be a one year deal at UCLA unless there is some type of miracle season in Westwood next year.

Overall it is an interesting type of move which seems lateral at first glance but you can bet that Tui will be working with the QB's in some way since the Pistol is a mobile QB type of offense.

Stray Kiffin

Lane Kiffin still has more explaining to do to the NCAA about his one year stay at Tennessee and it probably isn't out about the use of  smoke machines on recruiting visits. The Vol's football and basketball programs are being investigated for multiple recruiting violations. This won't be pretty and it isn't going to help USC win their appeal with the NCAA.

ESPN: Kiffin not compliant at Tennessee

The Combine

The combine is coming up and SBN has asked me to contribute material about Jake Locker. Will Jake perform well enough to get drafted in the first round? Tough to say at this point but experts agree that he needs to shine next week to make up some of the ground he has lost in the past year.

SBN - Locker plans to do everything

Woodward Chat

The Seattle Times had a chat with Scott Woodward about the stadium plans. Nothing really earth shattering was revealed but according to Scott everything is fine and on schedule.

Chat Transcript