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Puppy Chow

It isn't easy putting together a football schedule these days. Just ask the California Golden Bears who had to schedule tiny Presbyterian and will have to play Colorado as a non conference opponent next season. No shame these days in scheduling a 1-AA opponent but it is interesting that they had to go all the way to Clinton, SC to find a 2-9 opponent to play. The Bears will play in San Francisco's AT&T Park next season while Memorial Stadium is being renovated.

We will miss you

Longtime Snohomish HS coach and booster Keith Gilbertson Sr passed away this week at 83. Keith Sr was beloved at Snohomish where he had coached various sports since 1950. He is also the son father of former Husky coach Keith Gilbertson. I never had the chance to meet him but knew plenty of people who did. He was a special guy to many.

Fulmer Cup

The Cougars are getting an early start at their annual run at Fulmer Cup supremacy.Hard to believe that Georgia won the national title last season with Oregon and WSU in the running. Heck...the Coug's didnt even make the top ten last year. EDSBS has the 2010 run down with special awards for both Oregon schools.

Two Cougar football players and a man from Bremerton were arrested in separate incidents in the past weeks. A Pullman police officer arrested senior running back James Montgomery and charged him with misdemeanor possession of marijuana Saturday morning. A few days earlier, WSU Police arrested Tracy Clark, a redshirt freshman cornerback, for alleged burglary and theft of a laptop in Streit Hall.

Daily Evergreen

Husky Baseball Stadium

Phase one of the uncompleted Husky Baseball Stadium is scheduled to start in June. The bones of the field were laid out over a decade ago during the campaign for the student athlete. While the uncompleted stadium was a huge step up from the old Tubby Graves Field of Rocks an uncompleted stadium is simply an embarrassment. If the funds become available they would like to have the entire thing completed by next spring.

Lindsey Meggs who was hired as the UW baseball coach last season is pretty realistic about the Huskies future prospects. Washington won't be able to compete nationally until they have a decent facility to play in. Right now you would have to rank the facilities at the bottom of the conference and certainly way below the facilities at UW, OSU, and WSU.

Montana to Montana

Nate Montana who is the older brother of Nick Montana and son of Joe Montana is going to transfer from Notre Dame to Montana. I just like the ring of it and it makes commuting easier for the Montana family.


Looks like unless there is a huge miracle that this will be Rick Neuheisel's last season as head coach at his alma mater. UCLA's coaching staff which has been in turmoil all off season hasn't been able to attract the type of folks they want to fill the vacancies. That is the kiss of death for a football program. Combine that with a poor recruiting class and everyone out there knows the writing is on the wall. Rick may be the conferences biggest lame duck since Ty Willingham.

The Bruins new DC comes from the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League and has been out of college football for a couple of years. He was fired from his previous two DC positions at Cincinnati and South Florida.

You know things are slow department

You know things are slow when Bob Condotta decides to break down the 1978 Rose Bowl. That was the first Rose Bowl I ever attended and will never forget it. I drove down to LA from Seattle with a friend of mine. We only had $400 each at the onset and we ended up coming back home with money in our pockets. Those were the good old days I guess.