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Catching Up

Sorry I did not get the Monday Morning Wash published yesterday. To tell you the truth there isn't much going on and I am having one of those occasional weeks from Hell at work not to mention it was Valentine's Day so I had to all the romantic stuff to do over the weekend and on Monday night. I won't bore you with the details but we had a great time and it was nice to be away from the computer.

One item of note that does deserve mention is that Isaiah Thomas was named the Pac 10 player of the week after a great performance at home against the Bay Area schools. He needs to keep playing like that this weekend when the Huskies head back on the road to face the Arizona schools. If UW wants a championship they need to sweep on the road.

Another item that popped up is next years Apple Cup will be managed by First and Goal because the game is being played at Qwest Field. UW is guaranteed $2.4 million for the game and the ticket prices will not be included in your season ticket package. Top price for tickets to the game will be a staggering $!