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Scott Suggs Will Redshirt

Scott Suggs will not play this season after undergoing surgery before the start of the year. The thought was that he'd come back and be able to contribute by midseason and be ready to go for conference play.This effectively makes Darnell Gant the only senior on the roster, which does a couple things:
1) Alleviates recruiting concerns for this year, as there will only be one available scholarship.
2) Makes next year's team better, as it will be bringing almost everybody out.

These two things are of course contingent on transfers and early entries, and while nobody on the roster has really played well enough to move up draft boards all it takes it a hot March.

Suggs is one of the best shooters in the country, and having a full season of him next year is better than part of a season this year. He would have had to work his way into a rotation that already has some pretty good players and he'd be doing so from a disadvantage not being 100%. All in all, probably the right move for all parties involved.