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I realized that I had died and been reborn numberless times but just didn't remember because the transitions from life to death and back are so ghostly easy, a magical action for naught, like falling asleep and waking up again a million times, the utter casualness and deep ignorance or it.

-Jack Kerouac, On The Road

It seems every UW basketball season adheres to a similar outline. The team has its struggles on the road which cause a lot of reactionary things to be said about the greatest thing to happen to the program since, well, ever; things like "Fire Romar!" and "Romar can't coach!" despite Lorenzo Romar being the only reason the Huskies are not the Sun Devils.

The second part of that outline that has been cropping up lately has been that the team figures itself out and manages to find ways to win games when they're not sleeping in their own beds the night before. Oddly, this is never used as evidence of LoRo's coaching ability. Strange.

The negative Nancies are out early this year my friends, being that the team has played more games than usual away from the comforts of Hec Ed. And now the Dawgs find themselves in New York with two big time opponents lurking. So with the difference of scheduling between this year and last, it may turn out to be a positive thing ultimately, with the team able to avoid having road woes in conference if they can get it straightened out before then. It has happened before. We've seen it, so it's not too implausible.

But I am not here to give you the warm fuzzies and tell you that it's going to be straightened out by tonight or tomorrow. Marquette is really good. Even if the Huskies were playing their best ball of the season they would have their work cut out for them tonight. The Golden Eagles are tested, having just beaten a very good Wisconsin team, and have two guys - Darius Johnson-Odom and Jae Crowder - who are not playing so much like they're human basketball players as they're playing like autonomous basketball playing robots, which apparently are a thing that you can make.

I have full confidence that the Huskies will right the ship at some point and be a quality team by year's end, and I would love for it to happen tonight or Saturday. But I know, as should you all, that it's much more likely to happen in a month in Boulder.

The Pomeroy Rankings say Marquette has played the 6th best basketball in the country thus far this year, so let's not go jumping off of any cliffs a few hours from now if the result is less than desirable.