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Washington cleans house on the defensive side of the ball

Happy New are fired!

No official word out of Montlake as of yet but it has been confirmed by sources close to the situations that Washington Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt, Linebackers Coach Mike Cox, and Safeties Coach Jeff Mills will not be retained for 2012.

Word was prematurely leaked yesterday which hacked off a lot of people over at Montlake. Once word hit the street Sark simply decided to get it over with and move on. We should have more detail about what is going on within the next hour or two.

So who takes over?

We keep hearing that it could Rocky Seto who was one of Sark's initial choices to be the DC when he took over three years ago.

Jim Heacock who is a former Husky assistant coach was just released by Ohio State. He is looking for a job and Seattle would definitely be a place that he would be interested in.

(I will keep updating this during the day)