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The Monday Morning Wash

The Huskies are in San Antonio getting ready to face Baylor and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III on Thursday night. This is a neat video that the players put together while visiting the Knibbe Ranch to wish the Husky Nation a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas.

Leaving Las Vegas

Boise State slapped around Arizona State 56-24 in something called the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl. Nice win for the Bronco's who were shafted terribly by the BCS selection committee. It is really a shame that a team like Boise State didn't have the opportunity to compete against higher caliber competition.

Hats off to Kellen Moore who finishes his career with a 50-3 record which makes him college football's all time winning quarterback. Hard to believe but both Washington and Washington State passed on Moore. His only offers were from Boise and Eastern.

Evaluators back in 2006 thought Moore was too short and too slow. Fast forwarding to 2012 those characteristics will keep him from becoming a first round draft choice.

If I was Pete Carroll I would be taking a long hard look at Kellen Moore who will prove to be a bargain in a lower round.


Bellevue's Jake Eldrenkamp received the offers he has been waiting for. Both Washington and Washington State offered him scholarships prior to the holiday. Most feel that he will commit to Washington on his official visit which will take place right after the start of the year.

(Not a lot of news on a post Christmas Monday morning. I am sure that will change as the day progresses. I will be back later today with an update.)