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The Monday Morning Wash

Recruiting was probably the biggest story this weekend. The Huskies hosted a dozen recruits at Montlake this past weekend.

Cory English from Auburn HS was the lone new commitment. He projects as either a guard or a center. It came down to OSU and UW and he decided to stay home and play with his old buddy Danny Shelton.

OT Zach Banner describes his trip to UW as a 12 but he won't make a decision until after he visits USC in January.

CB Damontae Kazee de-committed from UW to commit to San Diego State. The word on the street is that Washington cooled on him and has higher rated players ready to come into the fold.

S Jason Thompson from Kennedy has confirmed his desire to be a Husky rather than go elsewhere to get a shot at playing QB.

JC CB Nigel Haikens hasn't been offered yet and is apparently a back up in case Antavius Sims does not qualify for winter quarter.

Sark has no problem getting early commits and cooling on them when necessary. Lane Kiffin who only has 15 scholarships to give out is doing the same thing. He was forced to drop two recruits who had previously committed to him earlier this year. Those two kids are now taking a long look at Washington.

UCLA Fans Officially Welcome Jim Mora

I hope all of you have been enjoying the spectacle that is Bruins Nation when they are all pissed off. SBN's most visited blog erupted this weekend with negative reactions concerning the hire of Jim Mora Jr.. Here is some of the best from Nestor and the gang.

Jim Mora is no "outsider." He worked for Terry Donahue for years when Donahue was busy turning 49ers from Super Bowl champions into perennial losers.

By Hiring Jim Mora UCLA's Block & Guerrero Tell Bruin Alumni To Go To Hell!

After a sham, lazy and what now appears to be a completely corrupt and negligent coaching search UCLA's joke athletic director just put out this: "I am proud to announce today that Jim Mora has accepted the position of head football coach at UCLA.

I want to riot. I'll meet you at Wilshire. You bring the torches! I'll bring the pitchforks!

Other than one year as a GA Mora has never coached in college. Never dealt with recruiting, academics, booster functions, etc. Best of luck!

The ONLY way this is salvaged is if Mora brings in a top notch staff to do everything for him!

Lane Kiffin is Bear Bryant compared to this clown!

Four years as a head coach and fired twice? How is that not a huge red flag that he should not be on top of a program?

It is just time to realize that UCLA will always be a complete joke. They will always turn everything they touch to complete sh*t because they will always be utterly incompetent.

TJ Simmers of the LA Times chips in...great guy, competitive, friendly and in-your-face honest. And more than likely the wrong choice to be the Bruins next football coach. Now he's UCLA's new coach because every other coach in the country had no interest in the job.

Paterno Fractures Pelvis

Joe Paterno who is currently undergoing chemo and radiation slipped and broke his pelvis during a fall at his home. It is the second time he has broken his pelvis this year. Paterno was fired last month in the aftermath of child sex-abuse charges against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.