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Pac 12 Pick Em and a few extra tid bits...

UCLA at Oregon

The inaugural Pac 12 championship game will be nothing more than a scrimmage and an extra five days of practice for the Oregon Ducks. If you are one of those folks who are fascinated by train wrecks, airplane crashes, fires, and large scale natural disasters this is probably a game you shouldn't miss.

On the other hand what if UCLA pulls off the upset and ends up going to the Rose Bowl? Wouldn't this rank as one of the biggest upsets in college football history?

Vegas - Oregon by 31 1/2 John B Picks - Oregon 57 UCLA 13

UCLA gets bowl petition approved

Even though the Bruins will most likely have a 6-7 record after this Friday they have received permission from the NCAA to go bowling. Their likely destination is the Kraft Fight for Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. Rick won't be coaching the bowl game.

Walden goes off on hiring

The hiring of Mike Leach at over two million per year was a huge move for Washington State. All the Coug fans are giddy but former coach and WSU legend Jim Walden wasn't happy at all. He felt that Wulff deserved a fifth year and was promised that fifth year when he was hired.

You can hear Walden going off on the Ian Furness show. He said it was OK for Wullf to clean manure out of the stables, but he was unfit to ride the horse...tune in to this because Walden is always a true treat when he is in a rant.

"I asked athletic director Bill Moos to select the best head football coach in the country and I am convinced that he has done exactly that," said WSU President Elson S. Floyd.


This is Husky Football with Keith Price

A takeoff on the "This is SportsCenter" commercials for ESPN starring Keith Price:

Link One

Link Two

Link Three

Stanford coach passes away suddenly

Chester McGlockton, a four-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle with the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders who played 12 seasons in the NFL, and was currently coaching at Stanford University died early Wednesday morning. He was only 42 years old.