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Puppy Chow

Welcome to Tuesday and we start off with the story that Oregon has announced the pre-sale of tickets for the inaugural Pac 12 championship game. What makes this interesting is that they still have to beat Stanford on Saturday for that to become a many of you folks out there are rooting for the Ducks?

The Penn State scandal has picked up quite a bit of steam over the last 24 hours with just about every major publication demanding the resignation of the President of the University and head coach Joe Paterno. The more that comes out about this the more it sickens me. According to multiple news outlets today...Paterno will be fired or given the opportunity to resign before this weeks game against Nebraska.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is here to remind us that the Huskies are 0-3 against ranked teams heading into this weekends encounter against USC.

The 2011 Apple Cup is going to kick off at 4:30 PM on Versus which is the NBC/Comcast sports channel.

No word yet on whether the Oregon State game will be televised or not. None of the Pac 12 broadcasting partners want to pick it up and since it is an OSU home game it is up to the Beavers to produce some sort of optional broadcast. This is the type of game the Pac 12 network will pick up in the future.

Ted Miller has a story on how the Pac 12 Network will have complete control of third tier media rights.

The big news in LA is Nick Holt's big mouth. Sark tried a little reverse psychology after that by saying that if he was an NFL head coach he would pick Barley ahead of Luck in the draft.

Sorry to be so brief but we are still in Maui and the sun and surf awaits...Aloha!