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Oregon at Washington: Post Mortem

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Well, that stunk. While we wait for JB to put together his grades, I thought I'd get this post Mortem thread up for you all to commiserate. Some thoughts to spur your creative juices:

... While our duality in terms of pass blocking vs run blocking has been discussed before, I doubt anyone saw this coming. We were helpless against their frequent blitzing. While a number of you jumped on Kohler (rightfully so), I was left wondering what the hell Drew Schaefer was calling in terms of assignments at the line. Clearly, he was fooled and was not getting any help from Keith Price (who I only can remember actually pointing out a blitzes once or twice)

... I love Jermaine Kearse. I haven't forgotten all he's done for the program. But, Good God, he's becoming Chuck Knoblauch out there. I don't see how Kasen hasn't beaten him out.

... Why isn't Kevin Smith a DB?

... We held Oregon to below average offensive production. The primary reason was our ball control offense which, despite it's inability to score, was fairly effective. The other culprit? Limited big plays. We didn't surrender any home runs while generating some decent pressure in the passing game. We obviously have a long way to go talent wise, but we now have the formula to beat Oregon. We really can't blame Holt for much from last night.

... Speaking of which, the secondary had a pretty good game helped out by a few Oregon drops. They were out on islands a lot of the time and held up. Will Shamburger continues to impress.

... LaMicheal James outplayed Chris Polk behind far superior offensive line play.

... Where was Austin Seferian-Jenkins all night? I only recall one target.

... I'm not calling out any QB controversy, but, damn, that was a beautiful throw by Montana coming in cold.

... Kasen Williams is the best WR on this team right now. I'm not sure it's even close if you don't count blocking.

... I like our chances against USC despite it being on the road. They are starting to get worn out by the grind of the season and I am starting to believe that our D is slowly getting itself together. Hopefully Sark can get the O-Line disaster figured out this week. 9 wins is still in our grasp.