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Harry Husky and His 12-PAC: Oregon Edition


Seeing our team at 6-2, already bowl eligible, I couldn't help but look back at the progress the Huskies have made. Although the winless season of 2008 was extremely painful, seeing the Huskies grind and climb up the ladder back into relevance has been exciting and rewarding in its own way.

After we won the Holiday Bowl last year, I was happy, but it was sort of like the day after Christmas, where something you've been looking forward to for so long has come and passed. Now, we have to look forward to the next holiday, the next event, the next chance to experience something amazing.

That's what the game against Oregon stands for: the next opportunity to make a giant leap towards the Husky standard of football set by the Washington Rose Bowl teams of old. This a chance for the Huskies to go on their first successful Duck Hunt in 8 years.