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Random Pac 12 Questions

Will Andrew Luck win the Heisman?

He is the record setting QB of a team that has only lost one game all season and two over the past two years.

Will a lackluster performance against Oregon keep him from winning the award?

Do you think that Sark will announce after the ballots are in that if he could have voted he would have voted for Matt Barkley?

"He is the most scrutinized player in college football this year. From everything he does to what he does on campus to his classes. Here's a guy that still comes through. Has a phenomenal year. Throws for 3,000 yards. Throws for a bunch of touchdowns and leads us to an 11-1 record ... everything he does is as well or better than anybody I've seen. He's that good. None of it had to be fabricated. It's just who he is."

Stanford Coach David Shaw - Via Ted Miller

Who takes over for Paul Wulff?

First things first...It won't be Dennis Erickson, Mike Price, or Mike Bellotti. Moos who is the search committee of one publicly pushed those names aside at the press conference yesterday. Mike Leach was mentioned as a top candidate by Bud Withers on Sunday.

WSU was getting close under Wulff, no doubt about it. The question is, close to what, and I believe that's the issue Moos spent days and nights wrestling with.

Bud Withers

Where is Rick Neuheisel's next stop?

At age 50 Neuheisel is fired at UCLA. Will Rick ever get another shot at running a BCS program or is he destined for the pro's or the broadcast booth?

UCLA under Neuheisel didn't produce a young man at the quarterback position that had the ability to carry the team on his shoulders. He didn't recruit one and that is one of the main reasons the program couldn't get off the ground.

In the meantime, Neuheisel admits that he's still got mouths to feed at home and needs to look for a new opportunity and quickly. He will be paid his base salary of $250,000 due for the final year of his contract, but not the $1 million in promotional bonus money.

More Rick Stuff

What do you think of the CLINK?

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times wants to know how your experience was at the CLINK. I am interested too because I heard quite a few complaints from people about the time it took to actually pass security to enter the stadium...and issues getting beer to drink.

I had a friend who actually said beer in the seats isn't worth it when you factor in all the mitigating factors surrounding its delivery....not to mention the negative aspects of fans getting juiced during the game.

I watched the game on TV and thought the facility looked pretty loud and impressive. I think the team will be able to do well there next season as opposed to Cal who never really got used to playing at Pac Bell Park.